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Speaking the Truth in Love to Muslims



Better Than Gold

. . . all of Scripture points to Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord. Everyone will nd a heart-touching, life-enriching reading among these pages no matter what the time or situation in life may be.

Jan Koopman


In Better Than Gold, Cap, faithful in his confession of faith and his compassion for God's people, provides a rich resource that will make many Christians more capable witnesses of eternal truth.

Andrew Steinke



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The Beauty of the Lord

Dr. Roland Cap Ehlke's collection of poetry, The Beauty of the Lord, is a powerful, reverent ode to our Creator and his creation, a celebration of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and a rumination on their presence in us and in our world...

David Sapiro

Actor, Educator


The Scripture-infused writing of Dr. Roland Ehlke directs the reader into the mystery and majesty of our Lord's character, allowing us an intimate portrait of his heart, overflowing with abundant love for us. Each poem is a revelation of Christ's sovreignty, beauty, and splendor. Dr. Ehlke draws us into God's presence with the ease of his poetic grace, and his evident reverence of our Savior's glory and honor. This beautiful work is truly a blessing!

Lori Woodall-Schaufler

Associate Professor of Theatre

Concordia University Wisconsin

Thank you for your wonderful collection of poems. Job well done! Kay read through it first, in one sitting, and enjoyed every minute. Stylistically, I especially like the selections where you roll out your thoughts in a relentless iambic pentameter. All the content is thoughtful, faithful, excellent. Highest marks on your “In Praise of True Beauty,” “City of God,” and closing prayer! God bless!


John and Kay Trapp

Sussex, Wisconsin

Very well done. You can read one poem, set it down, ponder for the day, and pick it up the next. Great job!

Tracy Rogowski

Pewaukee, Wisconsin




Wind from the Shore

“The author lifts the veil of abstraction from Yeat's poetry, centered on the themes of the occult, the mystical lore of Ireland, and romanticism. Ehlke makes clear that as Yeat's poetry developed, so did his spiritualism, which profoundly affected his writing. A great read for all poetry lovers! ”

Jaye Fairchild


“Yeats is a great dark figure on the landscape of 20th-century literature, and this book is a very readable exploration of his life and work. His philosophical, poetic journey from romantic sensibilities and a profound Irish nationalism to alignment with theosophical/monistic belief, all bearing the marks of rigorous honesty, is well explored. Roland Cap Ehlke is a fair and compassionate critic as you travel along with Yeats on his aesthetic journey and perhaps are introduced to the incredible gifts of a man who both formed and echoed the direction of spirituality in the modern West. Highly recommended!   ”

Steve Byrnes

Director, 1517 Publishing


“My first in-depth experience with the poetry of WBY was in searching for lyrics to set musically. His Romantic "The Wind amond the Reeds" (1899) provided well for me, but I was somewhat mystified by Yeat's later writings. In this book, Ehlke draws the reader to forces that led Yeats steadily from Romanticism to Modernism by using thirteen poems from his various writing periods as examplars. Thoughtfully written, it requires thoughtful reading to mine fully the riches found here. The reward will be well worth the effort.”

Dr. Kenneth T. Kosche

Professor Emeritus 

Concordia University Wisconsin




Like a Pelting Rain

“Like a Pelting Rain is a fine survey of philosophical positions and world views. Readers will benefit greatly from the author’s treatment, based solidly as it is in the perspective of classic Reformation theology.”

John Warwick Montgomery, Ph.D., D.Theol., LL.D.
Professor Emeritus of Law and Humanities, University of Bedfordshire, England
Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy, Concordia University Wisconsin, U.S.A.

“Read it thoroughly. We concur on the wrong turns taken in the last half-millennium by our Christian-Western civilization. You have written a wonderful little book.”

Patrick J. Buchanan
Political Analyst, Washington, D.C.


“Few historians and theologians have a better grasp of world history and what is the making of the modern man than Roland Cap Ehlke.”

Rev. Herman Otten
Christian News

“Thank you for your work Like a Pelting Rain. I found it a quick-moving overview of the history of ideas that have shaped Western thought and thus very useful. I’ve shared parts of it with my 13 and 15 year old daughters who, likewise, have appreciated its pithy presentation.”

Dr. John J. Bombaro
Pastor at Grace Lutheran Church, San Diego, U. S. Navy chaplain

Author, co-editor of The Resurrection Fact

KFUO-St. Louis Radio Interview (Part One) (Part Two)



Can These Bones Live?

“This concise historical treatment of the history of the creation of modem Israel is unique and distinctive among the related titles that preceded its publication. Bartfeld, a ‘Palmachnik’ (Palmach veteran), offers many insightful memories and details of pre-state resistance activities and military operations during the Israeli War of Independence. Co-author, Reverend Dr. Ehlke, is a student of Israeli history and companion of the late Bartfeld.”
“This is, perhaps, the best introductory study of how Israel came into being for anyone unfamiliar with the country’s history and origin. The narrative proceeds in chronological order, covering the emergence of Zionism as the ideological basis of the state; the British Government’s Balfour Declaration during WWI, which supported the establishment of a national homeland for the Jews in Palestine; life as it developed under the British mandate; ensuing violent episodes initiated by the native Arab population and the Yishuv’ s reaction; the activities of the Palmach; the emergence of the state and the subsequent War of Independence. Appendices offer a set of useful data on Ottoman Turkish census figures, key data, and key personalities.”

Sanford R. Silverburg, writing for the Association of Jewish Libraries Reviews 
Catawba College, Salisbury, NC

“This thin volume has many claims to substance and uniqueness. First of all, it is a collaboration between an Israeli veteran of both the pre-State Jewish-Arab-British conflicts and the War of Independence, and an American Lutheran pastor and college professor who studied for a year at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University and has traveled extensively through the Mideast.”
“As such, it presents the combined perspective of the late Bartfeld, an avowed Zionist who served in the elite striking force known as the Palmach, and Ehlke, a non-Zionist who shares Bartfeld’s aspiration for peace and dignity for “both Arabs and Jews.” That perspective enables the authors to present a predominantly factual, objective survey of the foundations of political Zionism, the roughly three decades of the British Palestine Mandate, and the tumultuous first year of the embattled State of Israel.”

David Homestay
Writer/Editor, Government Executive

“Thanks for the privilege of reading your book. It was well written and held my interest. I think I now “get” the whole Israeli/Palestinian War and why there’s a PLO. I watched and read the book Exodus by Leon Uris—now I finally understand it. Will have to watch movie again now that I “get” it. Great read!”

Sally Howe

Milwaukee, Wisconsin



Christianity, Cults, and World Religions

“Dr. Ehlke’s monograph was well received at Elm Grove Lutheran. My original order of 25 copies had to be increased because of the great interest engendered by the Sunday morning study. Content provides a quick but thorough overview of the main teachings and emphases of the religions that are treated in the book. Highly recommend Christianity, Cults, and World Religions for any study group that is serious about the learning process.”

Pastor Larry W. Myers
Elm Grove, Wisconsin


“summarizes complex world religions quite succinctly and . . . accurately. Thank you for your work on this booklet.”

Joshua Odell, Lutheran Pastor
Eagle River, Wisconsin

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Faith on Trial

“Thank you for this study of the Book of Job. You moved us through this profound Book of Scripture in a captivating and meaningful manner. Our classes considered various sections of the text and were then led into deeper conversations which centered in on suffering in view of the cross of our Lord and Savior.”

Dr. Richard Krause

Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church, Pewaukee, WI


"I have been studying Job for about a year now and Faith on Trial was a welcome addition to my reading material. It was clear, direct, succint and clarified the purpose of the book as well as its application to my life."

Shelley Ledford

Sault Sainte Marie, MI



The Bible: God Speaks to Us

“This little volume is a compact, but comprehensive overview of the major themes of Scripture. It is organized in a way that is helpful for someone who finds the Bible a ‘new’ book and for those who have a deeper understanding. I have used this book in a college classroom setting, in adult Bible class in my congregation, and personally for my own study. It has not disappointed me.”

Rev. Dr. Daniel P. Czaplewski, M.A., M.Div., Ed.D.

"The Bible: God Speaks to Us is a little gem, filled with wonderful snippets of information about the Bible.  It is broken down by the books of the Bible—Genesis through Revelation. Under each book of the Bible, you are given a little historical overview of that book, timelines, and the main Biblical characters featured in it. This is a perfect book to supplement your study of the Bible. Whether you are just beginning your walk with God or someone well acquainted with the Bible, you will love the ease of reading this . . . I’d call it the Bible in a nutshell."

Kathy Gill 
Roscoe, Illinois 




Cross and Crescent

“This is a very helpful introduction to the core beliefs of Islam as well as the challenges they pose to the Christian faith. Everything essential to thinking about Islam in our pluralistic age is covered here in clear and concise prose.”

Dr. Adam Francisco, noted Lutheran authority on Islam
Concordia University, Irvine, CA




Speaking the Truth in Love to Muslims

“Drawing on his personal experience of living in an Islamic part of the world as well as his own meticulous research, Roland Cap Ehlke evaluates the assertions of Islam, with frequent quotations from the Qur'an, in light of God's revelation of Christ in Christian scriptures. The result is an easy-to-read, gospel-centered, biblical perspective on the opportunities available to contemporary Christians as they encounter Islam today. This is a "must read" for every caring caring Christian who has a heart for witnessing. While Ehlke recognizes and identifies the problems and dangers of Islam, he does not portray it as a furtive "fear factory" of fanaticism. Ignorance, on the part of both Christians and Muslims, is addressed in a loving and caring fashion. The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news for both Muslisms and Christians.”

Dr. Timothy Maschke, professor of theology

Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequon, Wisconsin

“Regardless of whether Islamic terrorism ebbs or flows, the confrontation between Islam and Christianity will continue and the need for Christians to learn more about Islam will continue. There are many books that provide basic information on the beliefs, practices, and history of Islam, as this book does, but I am aware of no other book that provides such concise summary of the Lutheran law and gospel approach to dealing with Islam.”

Dr. John Brug, professor of dogmatics and Old Testament

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, Wisconsin




Speaking the Truth in Love to Jehovah's Witnesses

“As he did in Speaking the Truth in Love to Muslims, author Roland Cap Ehlke proves to be just the right author for a book such as this, which compares the claims of competing faiths with the truths of Christianity. Having done a definitive job on Islam in his previous book, Ehlke now takes on Jehovah's Witnesses, that "made in America" religion. The author's approach is not one of blatant criticism of another religious sect but rather one of winning over people to Christ. This is a must-read for anyone who has been confronted by door-to-door visitors distributing tracts in the name of Jehovah's Witnesses.”

Dr. Paul L. Maier, professor of history

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan


“In Saint Paul's continuing challenge that we "speak the truth in love," Roland Cap Ehlke strikes just the right balance. Jehovah's Witnesses have departed from the Bible and from traditional Christian teaching not just on peripheral and oft-publicized issues concerning customs and lifestyle but on the central teachings of Christianity - the Trinity, the divine and human natures of Christ, and salvation by grace alone. Yet Ehlke reminds us - if we need reminding - that the Witnesses at our doors and in our neighborhoods are loved by God, redeemed by Jesus, and salvageable by the Holy Spirit." 

Dr. Mark E. Braun, professor of theology

Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin




The Laundry Basket

"A colorful story easily painting visuals. Clearly a labor of love rewarding a second or third reading."

Mike Sikorski

English Tutor, Fairfax, Virginia



Christmas Cards (Set of 12)

"I really like the cards! They convey the message beautifully! Thank you!"

Daniel and Grace Larson

Montrose, South Dakota

"These are beautiful cards and truly reflect the Christmas message. I recommend them highly"

Virginia Christman Renkel

Fairview Park, Ohio

"Your art is always lovely and so filled with God's love."

Mary Lou Schweitzer

Carmel, Indiana